eCast - Immunohematology Boot Camp: Titer Method and Clinical Application (23EL-878)

When:  Sep 27, 2023 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)

Antibody titrations can be helpful in-patient management in the setting of pregnancy, hematopoietic transplant, solid organ transplant, and in the work-up of complex antibody cases. Suzanne Davisson will focus on lab techniques for titrations and different applications of titrations, such as prenatal testing, DTT-treated plasma titrations for transplant, and identification of high-titer-low-avidity antibodies. Dr. Shainker will discuss the use of titers from the MFM perspective and how they use them to determine screening for fetal anemia. The speakers will discuss various titer techniques and their applications, provide more in-depth discussion of titer application in the prenatal setting and provide case studies.

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