AABB White Paper Examines Balancing Supply and Demand of Blood

By Archive User posted 02-24-2020 09:55 AM


AABB's newest white paper explores how the blood community can help ensure collection efforts are sufficient to meet patients' needs without creating potential unneeded surpluses. AABB's Patient Blood Management (PBM) Subsection designed this resource to be a useful tool for both the blood community and the general public. The white paper begins with insight into current trends in the blood supply. It goes on to illustrate how collection efforts and patient needs affect the blood supply and includes recommendations for institutions to maintain the proper balance of supply and demand for blood. In addition, this resource includes a discussion on the use of O-negative blood and highlights recent recommendations on O-negative blood use policies recommended in AABB's Association Bulletin #19-02. The white paper, along with additional PBM resources, is available for download on AABB's PBM web page.


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