AABB Releases Association Bulletin #19-02 on the Use of Group O RBCs

By Archive User posted 07-09-2019 09:08 AM


AABB recently released Association Bulletin (AB) #19-02, "Recommendations on the Use of Group O Red Blood Cells." Written by a team of experts and approved by the AABB Board of Directors, the bulletin recommends actions to decrease the over-reliance on group O Rh(D)-negative red blood cells (RBCs). The recommendations provided are based on a review of current practice patterns and the relative safety and feasibility of reducing group O Rh(D)-negative RBC use in specific patient populations.

AABB is soliciting input to help develop resources to promote adoption of the recommendations in AB #19-02 and invites members to provide their feedback on this issue. AABB hopes to share members' challenges and successes with the blood community as it collectively works to ensure the sustainability of the blood system.